Agency Nurse reads to child patient in hospital coral care services square
Agency Nurse reads to child patient in hospital coral care services
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Agency Nursing

Coral Cares Services provide Nursing and Healthcare Assistants, to respond to your organisation’s urgent needs. We supply temporary agency nursing staff across Ireland and are a trusted partner of some of Ireland’s leading healthcare facilities, both private and public

We provide 24 hours on-call agency nursing  services to hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and individuals requiring nursing support. Our philosophy is to treat all our clients with the highest respect as individuals and will tailor the service provided specifically to your needs.

Agency Nursing Specialists

Our nurses can work as specialists, such as clinical nurses, and emergency healthcare professionals and can work in various institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centres and other healthcare institutions.


Coral Care Services have a reputation for supplying only the finest nursing professionals to hospitals and private settings throughout Ireland. Our team are not only committed to what they do but are highly experienced and deeply care for the people in their care.

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Professional & Experienced Care

We take great pride in our ethos of treating our clients as human beings deserving of respect, dignity and warmth, and all our staff are friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable. 


We have the skills to handle a broad catalogue of specialities including


    • General Nursing
    • A&E
    • ICU
    • Theatre Nurses
    • Midwifery
    • Paediatric
    • Agency Nursing specialists
    • Health Promotion for Business
    • Community Service for life support including
    • tracheostomy for adults and children
    • Palliative Care